This Gallery captures some of my art throughout the years.

WATERCOLORS: Since winning the National Hallmark Prize for Watercolor with this piece called "Baseball '78", my watercolors have captured many of my travels and loves over the years. To date, I have never reproduced my watercolors. They are available by commission only.

ILLUSTRATIONS of a LIFETIME in PEN and INK: Capturing a person's lifetime - their hopes, accomplishments and greatest moments - is one of my greatest honors as an artist. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of capturing many an athlete’s career in one collective montage; a fitting tribute to a career or career moment. Available by commission for your favorite star, renown or not.

DECLARATION SERIES: My dream was to draw together an All-American Gallery of Heroes on a befitting medium - the Declaration of Independence, itself available to the public only through Ben Franklin’s Print Shop in Old City Philadelphia. I choose the heroes and illustrate their portraits on the unique medium and then, whenever possible, I collect the subject’s signature as well. In 1986, both President Ronald Reagan and Andy Warhol signed Declarations and a series began. They have become the perfect vehicle for capturing our nation’s heroes, big and small. 
"I see. I saw. Your face... I Draw!!" And with those words on the 4th of July, 1987, on the green lawn in front of Independence Hall, I put my pen to sketchbook, declaring it, "Where the World is Drawn Together". Capturing the world in caricature for 19 years has allowed me to work with every strata of society and to donate my talents to many charities and worthy causes.
"We begin with a picture perfect dream and fight to preserve its existence. Day by day....slowly....we give into something less. Something less clear. As we age, we realize our vision blurs. The dream can only be seen through tears. Tears become our only true expression."